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We provide our clients with industrial, technical, and creative experience

We have 20+ years of experience in digital business development specializing in lead generation with both small and large businesses to help them attract new customers. We have a unique passion for helping business owners to solve marketing issues and we love the challenge of uncovering new opportunities for them to generate new sources of revenue.

Over the years we have consistently positioned myself as the “go-to-guy” to research digital marketing trends and strategies to provide business solutions that impact business owners’ bottom-line success.

I’ve worked with both traditional and digital marketing agencies in the capacity of business development, lead generation, digital marketing strategist, telemarketing, e-mail marketing, social media management, website development, research marketing consulting, video editing, A/V technologies

Specialties & Interest:

• Traditional Media Ad Sales
• Social Media Marketing
• Sales Lead Development
• Digital Marketing Strategist
• Radio/DJ Personality
• Event Sponsorship Developer
• Voice Over Specialist

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Most Frequent Questions

A site that will effectively promote your work and help you book more clients. Otherwise, what’s the point in keeping this powerful marketing tool, investing time and effort into it, if it doesn’t help your business grow and flourish?

It’s not enough to JUST have a website. It needs to look good, it needs to present information in a clear, accessible way. It needs to create a strong first impression and make your prospects feel like they’ve found THE ONE. Otherwise, you’re competing for the attention of the same audience alongside another few hundred businesses. And let’s agree, that’s an exhausting game.

Just like a website your digital marketing and SEO could need a refresh. If you don’t update your website it’s sure to fall in the search engine rankings. Search engines regard websites with the most recent content as the most relevant to web users.

Still, updating content can be a difficult process for some business owners. Many web design companies build websites that make it complicated to change content. They require the customer to learn a complex array of shortcodes or pay a monthly fee for a set number of updates and changes

Ignoring issues with your website won’t make them disappear — upgrading means taking action. Here are the main areas we think you should improve your website, which we’ll use as broader terms throughout this article: Design — good-looking websites get more people to stay on them, so make it beautiful.

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